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Captain Kombucha Organic Oh My Gutness Original Water Kefir 330ml x 3

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Product Details

This is the original recipe of the captain water kefir. A drink made with millions of living cultures, ready to improve your daily life.

The GUTsy Captain Water Kefir is a light, delicious and refreshing fruit drink, fermented with water kefir grains.

We use only carefully selected high quality, natural and organic ingredients and our own culture of water kefir grains. That's how we get a refreshing and delicious drink, that is dairy free and low in calories with all the benefits & live cultures from kefir.

With flavours to match every palette, this is the perfect drink to keep your mind happy, your gut healthy and your immune system reinforced.


Free-spirited with ambitious minds, Peter and Matus have soon decided to become the captains of their lives.

They believe it is up to them to choose the way they live their lives. And there is one thing that had always been driving their way: they chose to enjoy life to the fullest while keeping a good body and mind balance.

During a trip to the US, these two friends discovered Kombucha: an ancestral drink, known as the immortal health elixir.

They brought Kombucha home and chose to give it to their family and friends to try. That’s when they realized that forty years ago, in former Czechoslovakia, their grandparents use to brew Kombucha at home.

Peter and Matus grasped what would be the perfect combination: allying their vast entrepreneurial spirit to their heritage and believes and make it happen.

Thus, they decided to produce their own Kombucha. But It couldn’t be just another Kombucha… Their goal was to create the tastiest and most authentic Kombucha. A rather gutsy choice.

Their passion for the ocean inspired them to move to Portugal, where they found the ideal conditions to produce high-quality and tasty Kombucha.

They wish to stay northward and produce the tastiest and healthiest drinks on the planet. These captains’ dream is just at the beginning.

They want to inspire others to make good choices and become the captains of their own lives, just the way they do with The Gutsy Captain Company.

Peter and Matus vision is to create the best tasting healthy drinks, giving everyone the choice to change to alternative healthy, natural and organic drinks, without compromising taste and satisfaction.

At the Gusty Captain Company, we only use high quality, natural ingredients and our own culture of live bacteria. That’s how we get authentic, live drinks, with a delicious taste.


Purified water, organic cane sugar, organic apple juice, organic white grape juice, carbon dioxide, natural bergamot flavour, lactic acid (fermented), bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856


Per 100g Energy (kj) 59 Energy (kcal) 14 Fat (g) 0 -of which Saturates (g) 0 Carbohydrate (g) 3.5 -of which Sugars (g) 3.5
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