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Stivaletti Dock imbottiti

111,50 €
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Neutro di carbonio
Realizzato eticamente in Portogallo nel rispetto della legislazione dell'Unione europea in materia di occupazione, discriminazione salute e sicurezza
Presentata in un packaging sostenibile in carta e cartone non trattati
La fornitura avviene attraverso la nostra catena Carbon Neutral, ecocompatibile e priva di plastica
Sempre e per sempre vegan
Created with Ecolabel certified vegan suede made in Italy that meets Oeko Tex 100 and REACH regulations
Synthetic vegan shearing insulated lining throughout.
Caviglie supportate da bordo e linguetta imbottiti
Resistenti e flessibili suole in TR antiscivolo, perfette per lunghe passeggiate ed escursioni
Solette interne di supporto indeformabili in gomma riciclata

Product Details

Our carbon neutral Dock Boots are a casual trekking boot ideal for weekend exploring trips.

Worn by our customers across the world from the great US National Parks to the coastal paths and countryside of the National Trust open spaces in the UK.

We have extended the popular insulated format to the chestnut colourway. Choose the insulated option for when you need that extra level of protection from the cold.

Our Insulated Dock Boots are lined with Primaloft insulation made from 90% recycled content, they keep your feet warm down to freezing conditions. 

Your feet are also kept cosy with a thick, soft vegan fur lining that lines all the interior down to your toes. Deep squishy insoles that don’t crush down help make these boots comfy enough to wear all day. Just as well they are great to wear in urban environments too, as you won’t want to take them off in the week ;)

We have developed our Dock Boots since they were first introduced in 2015 refining the fit, quality and comfort. This is what we call slow fashion, and these boots are better because of it.

They have a slightly wider fit, so you can wear them with a walking sock, and to allow for your feet to swell a little if you get hot. The toe box is round and a little extra volume so your feet are not restricted or packed in.

Deep tread TR outsoles with lugs give you traction from dusty paths to muddy fields. 

Wrap the extra long, extra strong laces around the metal speed hooks so the soft padded collar hugs on your leg supporting your ankle.

You should expect these boots to last you years. We can say that because we have customers who have had these years, and are still enjoying them.


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Product Care

We use high quality vegan leathers and suedes to make our footwear, you will find your purchase requires little attention to keep looking as good as new.

Our footwear does not spoil or stain when it gets wet. In-fact it performs really well in wet and muddy conditions. Unlike leather or suede our materials do not spoil or mark even when in contact with road salt and snow slush in winter conditions.

This footwear is water resistant. This means you can wear for extended periods of time in light rain, walk through shallow puddles, walk through wet grass, light snow and have dry feet. We do not recommend wearing in deep snow, deep puddles, running water or extended periods of heavy rain. In these cases water will penetrate the footwear, usually through the lace holes or around the tongue giving you wet feet.

Our footwear is easy to clean. Here are some general cleaning instructions:

Vegan leather uppers Wipe down with warm water with a mild soap solution and a cloth or brush. To dry pad down with paper towels or a towel. Do not place too close to direct heat sources as this can damage the material. Polish can be used to bring out a shine and return colour. Any synthetic product should work just fine, apply as described in the instructions. It is recommended you test an inconspicuous area first.

Vegan suede uppers Wait until dry then brush with a suede brush or something similar. For more extreme cases you can wipe down with warm water with a mild soap solution and a cloth or brush. To dry pad down with paper towels or a towel. Do not place too close to direct heat sources as this can damage the material. You should not expect water marks as the material does not mark or stain like conventional suede when it gets wet.

Please do not apply waterproof or other protective treatments. This is because these treatments are not necessary and can mark and damage the materials. These treatments are not meant for vegan leather, they do not react well when applied and they do not react well when applied.

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