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Liguori Penne Rigate 500g x 3

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The second most famous type of pasta after spaghetti, we make them in many variations: penne mezzani, penne ziti, mezze penne and rigate.

They are suitable to an infinity of seasoning and they are one of the kid’s favourite dishes.

They are the second most famous type of pasta after spaghetti.

They take this name because they resemble an ancient writing pen.

Historically smooth and gilded, but over time they have taken different forms. We make them in many variations: penne mezzani, penne ziti, mezze penne and rigate. Penne rigate enrich everyday the table of all the Italians.


The Liguori Method.

A method refined in 200 years.

Pastificio Liguori is one of the oldest pasta producer in Italy: its origins are dated back in 1795.

Today, as we did in the past, we use only the best durum wheat from southern Italy and pure water coming from Lattari mountains, a spring water with peculiar chemical-physical characteristics that distinguish the unique flavor of Liguori pasta.

We work the mixture slowly mixing semolina and pure water to guarantee an excellent hold when cooked.

The traditional bronze dies give pasta a rough surface that catches the sauce and enhance its flavour.

Our drying follows a process that respects the integrity of raw material, with a duration of 18 hours for some formats.

Waiting and letting pasta dry slowly is the distinctive value of our production method.

The method of slow drying at low temperatures, an ancient legacy that we have kept over time, ensures that pasta preserves color, scent, nutritional value and the taste of wheat.

The slow drying at low temperatures preserves the structure of gluten and prevents the dispersion of important nutrients such as vitamins and essential amino acids. The drying at low temperature avoids the thermal damage to the product and the development of harmful elements such as furosine.


We keep our pasta in a new pack that respects the environment

Respect for nature is our priority. For this reason we pursue eco-sustainable development by reducing the CO2 emissions.

Today we further develop our commitment preserving our pasta in a recyclable paper pack certified by Aticelca 501 and we use recyclable boxes with Certification FSC certification to protect nature and facilitate practices with low environmental impact.


The Protected Geographical Indication is an European recognition with the objective to protect consumers from counterfeiting and abuse by certifying the quality of the product and the link with the territory.

In 2013 the European Commission has given the P.G.I. Certification to the Gragnano Pasta confirming its unique characteristics linked to the typical production method of the territory. Gragnano pasta is the first and only pasta in the market to obtain P.G.I. certification.

The production in Gragnano, a unique place for its climatic conditions and production process, guarantees a product of superior quality.


100% Italian Durum wheat


Per 100g Energy (kj) 1488 Energy (kcal) 351 Fat 1.2 g of which saturates 0.3 g Carbohydrate 69 g Of which sugars (g) 3.1 g Fibre 2.9 g Protein 14.5 g Salt 0 g
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