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Mighty Bee Bananito Peanut Crunch Banana Bar 35g x 3

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Product Details

One Bar One Banana!

Each one of our Bananito bars combines a whole Solar-Dried Banana with a handful of 100% natural nutritious wholefood ingredients.

Counts as 1 of your 5-a-day.

Made with the Kluai Namwa banana.

A sumptuous sticky and sweet variety that is named after it’s delicate shape and often used in delicious desserts. The Namwa takes 14-16 weeks to blossom from a flower through to harvest, helping to provide a steady source of income and food for farmers.

Most growers own small pieces of land and come together as a community to form cooperatives that produce quality fruit. We work with these cooperatives in central Thailand to ensure that our bananas are grown in a chemical free environment, allowing them to mature naturally and namwadevelop in flavour, before being hand picked when ripe.

The warm tropical climate provides the perfect conditions for the bananas to thrive, helping the farmers make a sustainable profit and us to make our beautiful bars...

Bee Active

Be empowered by nature with our delicious, nutritious bars. Rich in potassium (for muscle correlation and nerve function), low GI (to maintain blood sugar levels) and high in fibre (to support a healthy gut) - Bananito helps you live an active, energised lifestyle.

Bee Simple

Our bars tantalise your tastebuds by allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves. We combine a whole Kluai Namwa Banana with organic nuts, seeds and spices to give you a snack to savour. No added nasties; just sustainable nutrition from wholesome wholefoods.

Bee Sustainable

We care about nature and have made it our mission to inspire the world to protect the planet. We rely on super sustainable solar energy - not electricity - via pioneering Parabola Domes. They harvest the power of the sun and gently dry our bananas and lock in all the wonderful nutrients.

Kluai Namwa Lady Finger Banana

Named after it’s dainty and delicate shape. Our naturally sweet bananas are highly prized for their nutritional value and believed to be a natural mood enhancer - thanks to the levels of tryptophan - helping you feel a little more peaceful and positive.


MightyBee - a community committed to change the way we think about, deliver and consume food, one coconut at a time.

We are certified organic by the Soil Association and believe sustainable organic agriculture to be more than just a trend. This is the essence of who we are.


Solar Dried Banana (72%), Peanuts (24%), Sesame Seeds (4%), Sea Salt


Per 100g Energy (KJ) 1596 Energy (kcal) 380 Fat (g) 13.7g of which saturates (g) 3g Carbohydrate (g) 59.3g of which sugars (g) 41.3g Fibre (g) 8.5g Protein (g) 7.1g Salt (g) 0.5g
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