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Nutty Cacao Rocky Road Cups 30g

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Product Details

Organic chocolate with nuts, unsulphured apricots and a sprinkling of coconut come together in one delicious bite.

Our cheeky vegan friendly rocky road cups use only the best quality cacao and are made from natural ingredients and without refined sugar, so they are more innocent than they taste! 

Our packaging is completely recyclable and so cute you probably won’t want to throw it away.

Practical to carry around in case a sweet craving hits and practical to use as a desktop paperclip holder after!

2 cups in each pack.


Let’s Makan!

Two words that make me happier than any others.

Makan means 'eat' in Bahasa Melayu.

It reminds me of my favourite moments growing up in Malaysia.

Talking about food. Cooking food. Going out for food. Talking about going for food...

In 2017, I created Nutty Cacao from my own kitchen to satisfy fellow sweet-tooths across the nation with indulgent, all natural chocolate cups.

At the end of 2019, I quit my corporate job with the mission of creating even more all natural, plant-based snacks. The vision was big and the name had to match. Makan was born.

The rules are clear. Taste great. Feel great. Be great.

I love making healthy, sustainable and tasty snacks. Makan is my way of sharing that love and joy with you.

I hope you love them as much as I do!

Claire x


66% Cacao Organic Raw Chocolate (virgin cacao butter, coconut palm sugar, cacao mass, lucuma, vanilla) (49%), Unsulphured Apricots, Coconut, Cashews, Almond


Per 100g Energy (KJ) 2229 Energy (kcal) 535 Fat (g) 37.9g Of which saturates (g) 21.7g Carbohydrates (g) 42.9g Of which sugars (g) 25.7g Protein (g) 6.8g Salt (g) 0.4g
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