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Stivali Chelsea Eleganti Di Lusso

104,98 €
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  • Gender: Donna
  • Colour: Nero
  • Width: Étroit
Carbon Neutral
Ethically made in Portugal under European Union employment, discrimination and health & safety law
Presented in sustainable non treated paper and cardboard packaging
Delivered to you through our eco friendly plastic free carbon neutral supply chain
Always and Forever Vegan
  • Creato con pelle vegana italiana realizzata con piante utilizzando olio biologico proveniente da coltivazioni di cereali biologici coltivate nel Nord Europa in un processo a emissioni zero
  • Traspirante e resistente all'acqua
  • L'apertura dello stivale avvolge comodamente la caviglia grazie al modo in cui le tomaie sono state tagliate e i tasselli elasticizzati producono una linea pulita e intelligente senza spazi
  • Suola in gomma resistente e aderente con tacco effetto legno altezza 2,5 cm
  • Solette ammortizzanti non schiacciate realizzate con gomma riciclata
I nostri stivali Chelsea originali lanciati nel 2013 hanno ricevuto un aggiornamento di lusso. Le tomaie sono state tagliate su una larghezza regolare con una comoda forma arrotondata. Non ci sono cuciture sul davanti che creano una silhouette liscia e pulita. L'apertura dello stivale abbraccia comodamente la caviglia producendo una linea pulita e intelligente senza spazi. L'abbiamo foderato con due tipi di pelle scamosciata vegana super morbida, creando non solo un luogo incantevole dove annidare il piede ma permettendo all'aria di circolare aiutandolo a rimanere fresco. Un WVS discreto è impresso sulla suola per finire.


Regular sizing. Order your usual size. If you are a half size order up.

Product Care

We use high quality vegan leathers and suedes to make our footwear, you will find your purchase requires little attention to keep looking as good as new.

Our footwear does not spoil or stain when it gets wet. In-fact it performs really well in wet and muddy conditions. Unlike leather or suede our materials do not spoil or mark even when in contact with road salt and snow slush in winter conditions.

This footwear is water resistant. This means you can wear for extended periods of time in light rain, walk through shallow puddles, walk through wet grass, light snow and have dry feet. We do not recommend wearing in deep snow, deep puddles, running water or extended periods of heavy rain. In these cases water will penetrate the footwear, usually through the lace holes or around the tongue giving you wet feet.

You can wear these in colder temperatures, however they are not insulated. We recommend wearing a thick insulating sock to keep your feet warm in freezing temperatures or you may get cold feet.

Our footwear is easy to clean. Here are some general cleaning instructions:

Vegan leather uppers Wipe down with warm water with a mild soap solution and a cloth or brush. To dry pad down with paper towels or a towel. Do not place too close to direct heat sources as this can damage the material. Polish can be used to bring out a shine and return colour. Any synthetic product should work just fine, apply as described in the instructions. It is recommended you test an inconspicuous area first.

Vegan suede uppers Wait until dry then brush with a suede brush or something similar. For more extreme cases you can wipe down with warm water with a mild soap solution and a cloth or brush. To dry pad down with paper towels or a towel. Do not place too close to direct heat sources as this can damage the material. You should not expect water marks as the material does not mark or stain like conventional suede when it gets wet.

Please do not apply waterproof or other protective treatments. This is because these treatments are not necessary and can mark and damage the materials. These treatments are not meant for vegan leather, they do not react well when applied and they do not react well when applied.

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